Elements of Game Design

Computer game players and those who design such games are always looking for ways to understand the world of gaming. Over the years, gaming has improved with better technologies. Now, you can even play live games with people in different parts of the world. However, to appreciate and enjoy computer games, you should understand the design elements, which include several items.


What makes any computer game interesting is the storyline. Players want to be part of the plot. From the onset, it should be clear what the storyline is and how the players can participate. For instance, is it a chase game where the player kills the bad guys? Is it a simple game where there is a puzzle to be solved? The storyline should be catchy enough to attract the attention of players.

Music and Visuals

Some individuals and companies have dedicated their careers to music for computer games and the visuals that go with them. This is because music and video are an essential part of gaming. Players always say they stay longer on a game if the music and video quality are good.

Mechanics and Systems

Mechanics and systems include the rules that the player should adhere to in order to win the game. Like real games, players of an online game need to know the rules and regulations and what loses them points during the game. Therefore, players are always advised to go through the rules before they start playing.

Other elements considered in computer game design include player experience and components, such as avatars, blocks, and numbers. A game that incorporates these computer designs is likely to get the attention of more users.